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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Banquet Terms and Conditions


All meal functions served in a private banquet room require a minimum of 25 guests to dine.  Any complete meal functions guaranteeing less than 25 guests will be required to pay a meeting room rental fee.


One entree selection on all banquet menus is recommended.  Exceptions will be made where special dietary restrictions or religious holidays must be adhered to. 

A maximum of three entrees may be served.  Should more than one entrée be selected, a $1.00 charge per guaranteed person, per additional entrée will be applied.  An additional $2.00 charge per guaranteed person, per entrée will be applied to the cost per plate for three entrée selections.  If more than one entrée is selected, a breakdown of those entrees will be required with the guarantee.

All menu prices are subject to change to meet economic food and beverage conditions. 

Prices listed on menus are subject to change without notice.  Food prices can be confirmed 45 days prior to your event.


Cash Bar: Guests purchase their drinks individually.

Hosted Bar: Guests have drinks of their choice and billing applied to the master account.

Deluxe bar set up includes portable bar, glasses, ice & condiments.

The Hilton Milwaukee City Center requires the service of one bartender per 75 guests.

A charge will be applied for the required uniformed bartender.


The Hilton Milwaukee City Center must be notified of the expected number of guests no later than 10 days prior to your event.

A guaranteed number of guests, for all meal functions, must be submitted (5) business days) prior to your event (no later than 9:00 AM).  Once within the (5) business day timeframe of your event, the guarantee may increase (within reason) up to 48 Hours prior to the event with the understanding that the Hotel cannot guarantee the same entrée and may substitute a entrée of similar value.  In the event that the guarantee decreases, once within the (5) business day timeframe of your event, you are responsible for 100% of the total anticipated costs for the original guarantee.

A floor diagram, if applicable, must also be submitted with the guarantee.

If a guarantee is not submitted, the Hilton Milwaukee City Center will presume the expected number of guests to be the guarantee.

If the guarantee differs drastically from the expected number of guests, the Hilton Milwaukee City Center reserves the right to reassign the function to a more accommodating space.  In such an instance, room rental fees will be applied accordingly.

All charges will be based upon the guarantee, or the actual number served if greater than the guarantee.

A change in set-up/style the day of your function will be assessed an additional fee.


All buffets and refreshment breaks are served for 1½ hours.  Additional hours are charged accordingly.

Coat check is complimentary to guests (weather permitting).


All audio-visual equipment is to be provided by the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.  Arrangements for audio visual equipment must be made with the Hilton Milwaukee City Center’s contracted audio-visual company.


Shipping and receiving charges apply to all incoming and outgoing packages.  Please refer to the Material Shipments Information sheet.


Payment must be made in advance of your function unless a credit card has been established on file and to the satisfaction of the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, as follows:

  • A deposit is required with the return of your signed contract.
  • 100% of the total anticipated costs must be paid (5) business days prior to your function.
  • If final payment is over $200.00 and it is less than 15 days from your function, payment must be submitted in one of the following forms:
    • Cash
    • Certified Check
    • Cashier’s Check

A finance charge of 1.5% per month will apply to any unpaid balance after 30 days.


Currently, a 22% service charge and 6.1 % tax (both subject to change) applies to all food & beverage ordered through the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.  Groups requesting tax exemption must submit a copy of their Wisconsin certificate with the signed contract.


The Hilton Milwaukee City Center will not assume any responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen items. 

Policy requires that all food and beverage consumed in any function space and/or hospitality suite be purchased from the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.

The Hilton Milwaukee City Center prohibits the carrying out of food and beverage items.

Strict adherence to all federal, state, and local laws in regards to food and beverage purchase and consumption will be observed.

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the Hilton Milwaukee City Center to complete the same, as is subject to labor troubles, disputes or strikes, accidents, government (federal, state, or municipal) requisitions, restrictions upon travel, transportation, food, beverages, or supplies, and other causes whether enumerated herein, or not, beyond control of management preventing or interfering with performance.  In no event shall the Hilton Milwaukee City Center be liable for loss of profit or for other similar or dissimilar collateral or consequential damages whether based on breech of contract, warranty or otherwise.


The Hilton Milwaukee City Center reserves the right to inspect and control all private parties, meetings, receptions, etc… being held on the property.

Outside vendors are not allowed to supply any food or beverage items.

Patron agrees to be responsible for any damage done to the premises during the period they are under your control or the control of any independent contractor hired by you.

Cleaning charges will apply if the Hilton Milwaukee City Center has extra clean up after the client or vendor has left.

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